Exhibition at Ell San Francisco 2017

Faultline depicts a break in time and space set in San Francisco, USA. It dissects the churning city driven by an unstoppable human desire to survive, to conquer, and to dream despite the risk of failure and disasters. We take a moment to observe the disrupted urban landscape that reveals the truth our vulnerability and resilience, the triumphs and the mistakes we have made over and over again.

断层线(FAULTLINE)预想了在美国旧金山发生的危机长卷。作品意在剖析在人类欲望驱使下不停更迭的城市景观。人类求生的本能、对钱权的渴望、寄予未来的幻想,让我们无视风险甚至可以毁灭我们的力量。 灾难一旦发生,我们是否能透过被瓦解的物质环境,窥测到的掩于其下人类的脆弱与顽强; 我们是否还会不停追逐成就,又屡屡犯下错误(FAULTS)?

Work in Progress

Here the fault begins.

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Sketches and Working Progress