Extended Vestige

Installation Design

with Breanna Rossman, Eric Morris and Chris Martin

Situated within a courtyard above Killian court, the 10 foot cuboid suspends itself above a path and between the trees. the cube itself is not perceived upon first inspection, but is seen as a convergence of wired surfaces. these doubly curvatures surfaces reach from opposing building edifices and trace the cubic void through their interrelational crosshatching. Leading up to, under and through the convergence the viewer receives the perception of the geometry through the bound context. The cube the was intended to go there is only seen and experienced once the viewer interacts and explores the apparent bundle of a planar surfaces. The pathway leading the individual on a tour of the floated pavilion travels along a string of moments where the torqued nature of the surfaces can be understood as a means to define something that wasn’t and isn’t there. the primary geometry becomes a compounded projection of what it was supposed to be, a shade that is only defined by a series of lines stretching to represent the pseudo form.

Cable Connection Details