One Thousand Suns

Idea Project in collaboration with Alexander Dixon

Numerous cities in china now spend a greater part of the year covered in thick arid smog. Buildings a mere street width apart simply disappear in the densely polluted air. China’s insatiable lust for energy has transformed the very environment itself and replaced the natural cycles of daylight width a uniformly gray atmosphere that saturates everyday in a thick coating of dust.

Our proposal seeks to expose this unsustainable reliance on energy and the increasing visibility of consumption by re-lighting the vast city with a thousand sun installations; glowing balloons floating high above neighborhoods across metropolitan cities. The sun’s luminescence is proportional to the amount of energy the neighborhood’s inhabitants are conserving, growing dimmer when usage climbs, and illuminating when consumption is below normal. The translucent spheres become batteries, projecting upon the filthy skies a local neighborhood’s appetite for energy, generating light and public awareness. They herald the drawn of an era soon to come, one where we can take control of our inexhaustible propensity for environmentally expensive lifestyles, or forever live beneath the glow of an artificial splendor.