Island Magazine Covers DREAMDesign

Jan 10, 2019

“For a few years in the ’90s, I lived in Launceston. One of the pleasures of living in this small northern Tasmanian city was occupying various houses that clung to the east- or north-facing hills, the city held in the river basin between. Sunsets and the long dusks that followed were particularly special. Often, at dusk, murmurations would form and ‘play’ over the city. These hypnotic clouds of starlings are a natural wonder. How the birds can move together to form organic, continuously changing, three-dimensional shapes in the sky, without a single leader, remains a topic of scientific research, given what it might contribute to our understanding of group communication. The imagery and idea of a murmuration remained with me after an intimate Sunday-morning session of ‘Social Dreaming’. The session, led by psychologist Susan Long, was part of the 2018 Women in Design Colloquium held at Launceston’s Design Centre. Social Dreaming is a process discovered by Gordon Lawrence, and pioneered by his self-titled foundation. In a Social Dreaming event, or ‘matrix’, a group of people come together to share their dreams, and associations emerge through group discussion. In the matrix, the focus is on the dream, not the dreamer, working on the premise that dreams reflect the broader context of the assembled group.” - Judith Abell, DREAMdesign, Island 155